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A Country-Themed Couples Boudoir Session

This client did her first boudoir experience solo as a gift to her husband. She loved the confidence it gave her – and her hubby of course loved the photos. So this time around, she decided to bring him with her to the shoot. As a photographer, it’s always my goal to capture the unique personalities of my clients, and couples sessions are no different. This couple was a down-to-earth and country loving, so they opted to wear clothing that was reflective of that. He donned a pair of Wranglers and a cowboy hat, and she complimented him in her

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Red Lipstick & Tattoos

One of the biggest compliments that my clients can give me is coming back for a second session. Ms PR is a North Dakota client who recently decided to book another shoot with me as a gift to herself after going through a particularly difficult part of her personal journey.  The second time around, Ms PR was even more comfortable in front of the camera. She looked incredible as she posed in shades of red and black lace, eventually stripping down for a sultry shot between the sheets. “I didn’t think my 2nd boudoir shoot could out-do my first one,

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Harry Potter Inspired Boudoir

Harry Potter Inspired Boudoir If you are like me, you grew up with the books and movies. Yes, that means standing in line for 8-10 hours with a snacks, lots of laughter, friends and excitedly awaiting the chance to pick your best seat.  Arriving at the studio, we had some great plans for this special boudoir experience. Flying keys. Ms. R awaiting to find out which house she would be assigned to and lots of fun getting ready for the shoot.  Personally, I am happy and sweet tempered Hufflepuff. Ms. R became a smart witted Gryffindor for the day.  We

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Building Confidence Through Boudoir

It’s not unusual that a client comes to me looking to build their confidence. There’s a common idea that women do only boudoir shoots for their significant other, and while that might have been true in the past, it’s certainly not now. Boudoir is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, and many of my clients book sessions just for themselves.  Ms. EA had always struggled with body image, and she came to me wanting to build more confidence in herself and her body. And honestly? She absolutely killed it. One minute looked

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Over Forty & Fabulous

One of the biggest myths about boudoir is that it has an age limit. People think they won’t photograph well, or won’t be able to pull off the signature sexy poses. But the beauty of boudoir is that it allows you to capture and celebrate your body as every phase of life.  Ms. HW is one of my beautiful North Dakota clients, and was initially skeptical of boudoir because of her age. Being in her 40s, she thought that she may be past the point in her life where she would feel confident and comfortable doing something like this.  I

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Embracing Your Sexuality Is an Act of Self Love

It’s no secret that women around the world are held to unrealistic beauty standards. We see them plastered across magazines and TV screens, and of course, all over our social media feeds. In this day and age, the simple act of embracing and loving your body and your sexuality can feel like an act of defiance, when really, it’s an act of self love.  As a boudoir photographer, it’s my goal to make each and every one of my clients leave our session feeling sexy and empowered, like the absolute queens that they are.  Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting

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