Capture Intimate Moments With a Couples Session

Have you ever thought about doing a couples boudoir session with your significant other? Couples sessions are the perfect way to form a deeper connection with your partner through the thrill of doing something new and exciting together. Think of it like an all-day date where you get to touch and explore one another in an intimate setting, and you get to capture the experience to relive it over and over again. 

Ms. J first came to me from Illinois for her first session a few years ago, and I got to meet her soon-to-be-hubby during her ordering appointment. After they got married, they reached out to me about doing a couples session. They wanted to celebrate this new chapter in their lives and document their recent weight loss journey.  

When I shoot individuals, I try to capture them in a way that showcases their personality and draws out hidden sides of themselves. For couples, the process is similar. Usually, the male partner is more nervous (which I think is because they aren’t used to being in the spotlight or thinking about themselves as “sexy,” which we need to address in our society). 

As the photographer, it’s my job to capture each of them as individuals, as well as their intimate spark together. First, I walk through a series of poses to help break the ice. After they start to relax and get comfortable, they’ll start to interact more naturally with each other. From that point on… it’s like I’m not even there. (Okay, maybe just a little. But I do my best to be subtle about it.) 

When all is said and done, you and your partner will feel closer than ever, and you’ll have beautiful photos to document the experience forever.

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