Over Forty & Fabulous

One of the biggest myths about boudoir is that it has an age limit. People think they won’t photograph well, or won’t be able to pull off the signature sexy poses. But the beauty of boudoir is that it allows you to capture and celebrate your body as every phase of life. 

Ms. HW is one of my beautiful North Dakota clients, and was initially skeptical of boudoir because of her age. Being in her 40s, she thought that she may be past the point in her life where she would feel confident and comfortable doing something like this. 

I walked her through the poses, the same way I do with all of my clients, and it wasn’t long before she relaxed and started having fun with it. “I was definitely nervous, but Amber’s direction and our giggles made this so easy to do!”

When she saw the final images, she was both thrilled and shocked at how well they had turned out. The experience had given her a whole new appreciation for boudoir, which she believes “everyone should do at some point in their lives.”

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