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Your make-up & hair will be professionally applied by a talented stylist. This service is included with every photo-shoot.

Your make-up & hair will be professionally applied by a talented stylist. This service is included with every photo-shoot.

As part of your boudoir experience, you will receive Style and Design services. This will include a detailed lingerie guide, ideas on what to bring, where to shop, personal shopping assistant if needed and access to our boudoir closet.

Digitals and Products are sold separate. You make your selection during your View & Ordering appointment within 1-2 weeks of your boudoir shoot. You deserve to celebrate the goddess you are while receiving beautiful handpicked products. Our luxury signature albums are our best sellers. Metal Wall Art is a stunning piece to add to your collection. You chose the ones you love and fit within your budget. It’s your time to give back to yourself while loving your journey.

Yes! We offer every client payment options that fit your needs. Your investment is tailored so you get exactly what you love. You can contact us for more information on booking your boudoir experience.

Oh those sweet nerves. Being nervous is completely normal when stepping outside your comfort zone or trying something new. I’ve been in your shoes so I know how to make you feel comfortable. You will relax those nerves in the styling chair with one of my talented stylists and feel like a goddess for the day. I will then direct you through the entire process in a way that you have fun and see yourself through my lens. Come with an open-mind, a loving heart for yourself and know you are worthy to feel just as beautiful and sexy as you view others.

Oh darling, this is an intimate discussion and one we all battle within ourselves. My mission is to capture you in a way that you love the person you see in the mirror. You embrace that beautiful soul, you no longer see flaws but love that strong person staring back at you. You get to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen before. This is why you book me. You feel safe, heard, beautiful and in my studio you are surrounded by a friend. Someone who is here to cheer you on through your self-love journey. If you are worried about how you weigh, what you look like in certain things, arms, legs, cellulite, what to do or how to move, you are in the right place. I pose and direct you in a way to capture your most beautiful self. For the final image, I do light retouching such as skin blemishes, color correction and high-quality edits that do not change who you are.

I love the way a person transforms within her empowering experience. That moment where she goes from a little bit shy and nervous to this gorgeous goddess that resides from within. I always feel like a proud momma/friend when you come back into my studio to view your portraits and you are standing taller, smiling brighter and glowing all over.

You are going to love your tailored boudoir shoot. We start with a complimentary consultation to go over all of your details, style and design your session, answer all of your questions and book your date. Contact us for more information.

  1. Complimentary Consultation + Booking your Boudoir Experience
  2. Style & Design Services tailored to you
  3. Arrive on your scheduled date for Hair & Makeup Styling
  4. Have an incredible Boudoir Experience with Amber