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Feeling like an Angel

Ever wanted to feel like a VS Angel? With our beautiful blush angel wings, that is exactly how you will feel. Most client will chose to add on these stunning wings during their shoot or chose it as a Boudie Bank Bonus. This allows you to pre-purchase a collection and choose some awesome bonuses.  Ms. A was a stunner as we began her boudoir experience. After sitting in our stylist chair for hair and makeup styling, we went through all of her wardrobe. I also check through my Boudoir Closet to see if there is anything else we want to

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Boudoir After Baby

As women, there’s so much pressure on us to fit into society’s standard of beauty at all times. You might think that you would get a break from unrealistic beauty standards after literally giving birth, but so many new moms feel the pressure to “snap back” to their pre-pregnancy bodies.  Ms. L was no different. A dental technician and a new mom, she was struggling to feel confident in her body after having kids. Of course, she was absolutely stunning, but she just needed a little help seeing that for herself.  As I walked her through the poses, I could

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Feeling Confident for Your First Boudoir Session

There was no doubt when Ms K walked in the door of my studio that she was an absolute bombshell. She had a gorgeous smile, a stunning face and a beautiful body, and most importantly – she was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. A young mom, she had been thinking of doing a boudoir session for a while and she had heard that I was one of the best.  From the minute she sat down in the hair and makeup chair, she loved every second of the experience. We shot her in a few different looks, from

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Embracing New Experiences with Boudoir

When Ms. JN came to me for her first boudoir session, she was in a period of growth in her life. She had spent the past year pushing herself to try new things and reach past old obstacles, and after joining my Facebook Group she felt like boudoir was the perfect next step on her journey.  A mother to a young daughter, she filled the studio with her kind and positive energy, and we had so much fun together during the session. She was a total natural as I guided her through the poses, and she loved getting dressed up

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Beauty & the Beach | A Luxury Boudoir Session in Florida

When it comes to choosing locations for a luxury boudoir session, one place that might not immediately come to mind is the beach. But if you think about it, the beach is the perfect destination to capture beautiful and serene shots. I promise you, with the sand between your toes and the ocean waves crashing behind you, you’ll feel gorgeous and powerful, and your final images will be breathtaking.  On a recent trip to Florida, I had the pleasure of shooting a few clients on a beautiful beach on Honeymoon Island. Ms. V had never done a boudoir session before,

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Sexy in Sweatpants & Stilettos

A mother to a young daughter, Ms. JZ had been wanting to book a session for a while, and she finally decided to do it as a gift to herself. She started her session looking soft and sweet in a delicate white lingerie set, but it wasn’t long before the session shifted into something a little more daring… Soon, she stood in front of the camera clad in a black ensemble of lace and mesh, complete with a matching garter. As a finishing touch, she added a badass pair of spiked, leather stiletto boots. If that doesn’t say hot mom,

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