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5 Common Misconceptions About Boudoir Photography

It’s been a while since I last talked about common myths and misconceptions about boudoir, so I thought I’d do an updated version for those of you who are new here! People think all kinds of things about boudoir, so let’s break down some of the biggest myths.  You have to know how to pose. Not even close! So many of my clients are worried that they won’t look good on camera, but they’re always over the moon when they see their final images! I’ll walk you through each and every pose (I’ll even demonstrate for you!) so you feel

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12 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session… From Women Who Have Done It Themselves

I could go on and on about the hundreds of great reasons to book a boudoir session (and I’ve already written a blog post or two about it), but today I thought I’d let you hear it directly from a few amazing women in their own words.   The #1 reason to book a boudoir experience is… To see myself in someone else’s eyes. – Andrea To feel empowered, to embrace the woman that I have become as an adult. -Miranda To give my long distance boyfriend something to remind him what he’s waiting for. – Christin  To show myself that

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Outdoor Boudoir in the Las Vegas Desert

Have you ever considered doing an outdoor boudoir session? I’ve had the pleasure of shooting a few outdoor boudoir sessions in the past few years and it’s always a fun adventure. Do you see yourself in the ocean, along the rocky coastline, near a waterfall, beautiful greenhouse with blooms and greenery, outside as the snow falls or even surrounded by a beautiful castle? The locations are limitless. There are certain elements you have to deal with in an outdoor session – weather, bugs, passersby – that just aren’t a factor in a studio session. But for the right person, it

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