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Five Myths About Boudoir, Debunked

Every industry has its myths and boudoir photography is no different. With ever-evolving styles and different photographic visions, it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s fiction. But you don’t have to keep wondering about which is which. Here are five myths about boudoir photography, debunked. 1. It’s Pornography– One of the most common myths about boudoir photography is that it’s porn. Pardon my French, but that’s bullshit. Boudoir photography is about empowering my clients. The photos are about bringing the viewer an emotional response to an artistic portrayal of beauty. In the same way that classical art

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Witchy Boudoir

Something Witchy This Way Comes: A Halloween-Themed Boudoir Shoot October is one of my favorite months of the year. The fall leaves change and there is a hint of something new in the air. It’s a chance to reflect on the year thus far, and prepare for a holiday season spent creating memories with those you love.  This year, I wanted to celebrate the season with a witchy themed photo shoot, just in time for Halloween! The Paradise Springs Nature Trail in Eagle, Wisconsin, a small and beautiful hidden gem, served as the perfect backdrop for this spooky shoot.  For

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3 most popular make up styles our expert Make up Artists are asked for!

No two women are the same, so why should their makeup be? Don’t let mountains of makeup options stop you from having the time of your life at your boudoir shoot. Whether you’re foxy glam, natural vixen, or looking for that pinup style, a boudoir photo shoot is the perfect time to rock what makes you spectacularly you. And the best part is that you aren’t alone! Our in-house makeup artist will help you create whichever fun and flirty style you decide. GLAM Bring on the contour! This look is all about awakening your inner vixen. For glam, think: lining,

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5 Secrets to Pose like a Pro

The #1 question everyone is dying to know the answer to: How do you pose so many different types of women?! When it comes down to it, there are a few easy rules anyone can follow, to make their body type look its best. No matter your weight, height or body type, try these tips to pose like a pro next time a camera is pointed your way! Picture a Clock Think of your space as a clock. If the person holding the camera is at 12:00, you’re going to want to angle your hips so one is 1:00 and

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Red Hot Tips for Self-care During Quarantine

I never thought I’d be writing you a self-care post in the middle of a global pandemic, but here we are—and it’s so very necessary. In addition to new worry for our loved ones and ourselves, COVID-19 has brought all of our routines and plans to a temporary standstill. I’m not even going to say the new C word for the remainder of this post since it’s bound to raise your cortisol levels, and we’re all trying to find a way through that right now. For most of us, the “new normal” is anything but. While it’s tempting to shut

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