Get Lucky With St. Patrick’s Day Boudoir

When I heard that this stunning mom had gotten married on St. Patrick’s Day, it only seemed fitting to celebrate her anniversary with a green-themed boudoir session. 

A mother of three, her body has changed significantly over the last seven years. Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood had left lasting effects that she was just now beginning to embrace. In the last few years she’s been able to reclaim her body, acknowledging its incredible strength and resilience. Her body is different than it was before she had kids, but now her outlook, confidence and overall perception of herself have changed, and she’s more comfortable in her skin than ever before – and it shows. 

She settles into the shoot with the gracias ease of someone who loves herself, and her playful personality shines through the camera. She feels like she “has her body back,” but more importantly, she has her self confidence back.

Her husband is one lucky man – no pun intended! ☘️

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