Should I wait to lose weight?

Does this sound like you? 👋🏻✔️

•I want to wait to do a shoot for when I lose weight

•I don’t love myself in this moment and will do this once I hit a certain size

•I don’t photograph good, I look fat

•I will never look as good as everyone else

💋Oh darling, I’m gonna stop you with these negative thoughts. Here is the truth:
•You are beautiful exactly as you are now

•You may never lose that weight or hit your “ideal” body fantasy. It’s important to embrace where you are now. I’ve heard this for years and what I’ve found is that you end up wishing you would have come in when you first were thinking about it.

•Every one is unique and everyone is beautiful. Let me capture YOUR personal beauty. Whatever that means to you. Whether it’s yoir personality, things you are into or celebrating the You you are.

•Fat isn’t bad thing. Every one of us have fat. We all have rolls and folds. We have skin that does it’s own thing. Even aging is beautiful.

💗If you have been on the fence- send me a message. We will talk through everything, go over all the details and we can even talk through the fears and excitement of stepping outside your comfort zone.

“Btw, I weigh almost 200 lbs and am not ashamed of it anymore…embrace your inner Goddess ladies!” Ms. JS

“Btw, I weigh almost 200 lbs and am not ashamed of it anymore…embrace your inner Goddess ladies!” Ms. J

“I waited… and waited… and gained back the 70 pounds I had lost. I’m getting older and decided to book my appointment regardless” Ms. AB

“Amber ULeda Photography made me realize that I needed to step outside of the negative outlook I had of myself and look at the beauty SHE saw in ME… I’m literally tearing up reading this” Client

“I had just gone through a shitshow of a year when I had Amber photograph me. I had a brain tumor removed, recovering from a miscarriage, and weighed over 200 lbs. when I felt my worst she made me feel my best! Take that chance sis! She’ll make you feel like a queen!” Mrs. JM

“How about this? I am too old to do a shoot with Amber. This Boudoir stuff is for the young girls. I was 70 yrs old when I had my first and only Boudoir Shoot with Amber. Best thing I ever did for myself. Amber, this may sound really corny but, “You make me feel like a natural woman.”” Ms. CM

Take Control

Give yourself permission to love and see yourself in a new light.

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