Boudoir After Baby

As women, there’s so much pressure on us to fit into society’s standard of beauty at all times. You might think that you would get a break from unrealistic beauty standards after literally giving birth, but so many new moms feel the pressure to “snap back” to their pre-pregnancy bodies. 

Ms. L was no different. A dental technician and a new mom, she was struggling to feel confident in her body after having kids. Of course, she was absolutely stunning, but she just needed a little help seeing that for herself. 

As I walked her through the poses, I could actually see her becoming more and more self  assured.  As a boudoir photographer, I love empowering other women to love themselves, so it’s always so fulfilling to see someone blossom in front of the camera. 

Boudoir after baby is nothing to be scared of. In fact, I would  argue that it’s a beautiful and empowering way to capture your changing body. And Ms. L is proof of that.

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