4 Boudoir Poses to Make You Feel Confident & Sexy

If you’re considering trying boudoir, one of the biggest questions you likely have is “how do I know how to pose?” Whenever I’m shooting with a client – and especially a first-timer – it’s important to me to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. I walk you through each pose, even demonstrating them first for you, until we find what works best for you and your body. Of course, every photographer has their own style and personal preferences, but here are four of my tried-and-true boudoir poses to make you feel confident and sexy in front of the camera! 

The Classic

This is a client favorite and one I love to start your luxury boudoir experience with to help you loosen up and start to get comfortable. In this pose, you lay on your stomach and prop a knee up, almost like you would if you are a side sleeper, putting your weight onto your back hip. I love to capture this pose in a few different ways; both with you looking directly at the camera and not. 

Couch Bootie

Everyone deserves an array of sexy booty pics! After all, this is an asset we often miss out on seeing. The Couch Bootie is one of many bootie fan favorites. You start facing the back of the couch with your heels hanging off the end (it is important to keep your toes pointed!) and then you then gently sit back while arching your back. 

Peek Through

I love photographing through things – plants, curtains, crystals, trinkets, you name it! This pose is one that captures all of your curves while highlighting a few of your favorite features. 

Standing Pose

Standing poses can be done either full body or just partial body, whichever you prefer! This pose is one that usually pushes my clients out of their comfort zones a bit, because when you’re taking your own nude photos, you typically only take selfies or close-up images. So I love encouraging you to embrace your whole beautiful self! 

What are you waiting for? Try these for yourself and see how amazing you look and feel!

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