12 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session… From Women Who Have Done It Themselves

I could go on and on about the hundreds of great reasons to book a boudoir session (and I’ve already written a blog post or two about it), but today I thought I’d let you hear it directly from a few amazing women in their own words.  

The #1 reason to book a boudoir experience is…

To see myself in someone else’s eyes. – Andrea

To feel empowered, to embrace the woman that I have become as an adult. -Miranda

To give my long distance boyfriend something to remind him what he’s waiting for. – Christin 

To show myself that scars are beautiful too. – Laurabeth

To make me feel alive, joyful and free! – Lisa

To have a daily reminder (from wall art or an album, etc.) of why I should feel confident in myself and my body! – Breena

To feel more comfortable and confident with myself. – Susan

To own my true beauty tip to toe. – Lisa

To see myself differently. – Amy

To feel beautiful in my skin. – Karen

To learn to fall in love with my body as is all over again and to gain more self confidence.  – Jessica

To see myself in a different light after life changes. – Kim

What’s your reason? If you are ready to push past the fear and embrace your inner Goddess, contact me to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. You will be so happy you went for it!

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