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Sassy Boudoir | Lake Country Wisconsin

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Sassy Boudoir | Lake Country Wisconsin



“I love the work that you do making women of all sizes, shapes and age look absolutely beautiful!! Here is my story and why I would love a session with you!
I am 41 years old. A wife, mom and grandma of a 2 1/2 year old little boy. I have been the sole provider for my family for the past 6 years doing whatever it took to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table…  Whether it was receiving a full time position with a promotion at my current job, building my own home based business or being able to do side jobs helping others give their homes with a fresh coat of paint!

Whenever I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough money God provided me with a way of taking care of us. I have always tried to make sure my family had what they needed but in the process I put my needs aside! I am finally going to get my hair done which is something I haven’t done in so long! Gonna make big changes with my hair. I’m a sassy kind of woman and I want my hair to match lol chopping it off and going black with red sassy chunks 🙂 I am hoping that it will help me feel more like the woman I am! I have gained about 30 pounds since summer due to stress and depression and not feeling very pretty at all and definitely not sexy!text

I feel like a blah mom and wife just going thru the motions of daily life! I would love the opportunity to be able to have you capture my sassy side and feel beautiful and sexy for no one but myself! Yes I know that sounds selfish but I feel that I deserve to be once in a while! I’m exhausted from taking care of everyone else and not taking care of myself!

I just want to feel amazing for even if it’s only for a few hours that I get pampered! Sorry definitely emotional as I type this! It’s hard to ask for something for myself because that’s not who I am! It’s always about how can I help others! ” Mrs. L


Photographing Mrs. L was so much fun! After talking with her we styled her session. I absolutely love how each session is tailored to each client. We were able to capture her personality in a way that is perfect for her. (Isn’t she gorgeous?)

I loved hearing how she felt about her experience with Amber ULeda Photography. It had me tearing up. Mrs L- you are one sassy, beautiful,  incredible lady.


“For being someone who hates to have pictures taken due to lack of self-esteem, Amber was able to capture so much of me that I never even knew was there. Photos are absolutely amazing. Thanks for having me see that I truly am beautiful! So much fun.



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