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Quick Lingerie Shopping List

One of the first things to do after you book your luxury boudoir experience is to decide what to wear. 
When you book your luxury boudoir experience with Amber ULeda, you will get detailed emails and 
planning to help you shop and style. Use this list as quick way to find pieces. 
Some of your top styles choosen are:
  • Body Suits
  • Bra + Panty set
  • Robe
  • White Sheet

Here is a quick link list to some of our most popular lingerie pieces brought to the studio. Click to purchase your own.

Your boudoir lingerie is now started! If you need more inspiration or want to follow for more in depth advice, you can sign up to be part of my VIP Facebook Group or join our mailing list. 
I am exited to see what you bring into your own LUXURY BOUDOIR SHOOT.

xoxo- Amber ULeda