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New in the Studio: Luxe Angel Wings!

If you’ve always wanted to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, well now you finally can. I’m so excited about these custom, lux angel wings I purchased this month. I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself, and of course, they’re going to look amazing on you!  It really takes the fantasy possibilities to a whole new level.

I used these outdoors but you could use them inside, too. Still, there’s something about the natural setting that made me feel otherworldly— beautiful in a superhuman way that before now was something I could only use my imagination for. These gorgeous wings let my imagination take flight in a way I could never have dreamed! They’re so soft and—much to my surprise—not heavy at all.  I could have walked around them all day. Can’t you just imagine me at the grocery store pushing a cart down aisle 7 in these?? Tempting, believe me.

I want all of my clients to get a chance to see how amazing these feel, which is why I’m making them a luxury add-on, perfect for high-end or special occasion shoots. Contact me to schedule your angel session—I’d love to make that happen for you!