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Modern Bombshell

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You know when you find people on social media and can not help but follow them? They have great content, engaging posts or something that you find interesting.

This was the case for one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Follow her HERE 

Tessa, of Modern Bombshell, is incredible at finding stylish pieces that you can pair together. She will show you different ideas, accessories and shoe combinations.

I was astatic finding out she was interested to introduce a lingerie side to her styling.

“I’m going into the weekend feeling sassy! I love being pushed outside of my comfort zone, and this photoshoot with Amber ULeda Photography has proven to me that so much personal growth can happen when I am willing to try something new ?Xoxo” @Modern_Bombshell

Personally, it is such a great experience; emotional and empowering, to do a luxury boudoir session. Yes, this makes a great gift for someone special but most important to do this for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and love yourself!


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