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Mentally Preparing for your Boudoir Session

You’ve decided you want to experience a boudoir session for yourself. Now, what do you do?

  • Look for your perfect photographer. Someone who has a style you love. Someone who knows how to capture and direct you in a way that you feel comfortable.

  • Decide how you want to be photographed. What is your style? Choose pieces that showcase who you are. If you are more romantic- show this side using lace, pearls, pastels, flowers and mixing textures that create a romantic story. If you want to show your sexy vixen side- bold lingerie pieces, sexy lingerie, fishnets with a top that teases. Still unsure what to wear? We will tailor your styling for your specific needs and questions, helping you find your perfect lingerie styling.
  • Choose to be open with a positive mindset. It is important that you go into your boudoir experience with an open mind. You are going to see yourself like you have never seen before. You are going to fall even more in love with yourself. You are going to leave feeling serene and full of so many wonderful emotions.
  • Sleep and Water. You will want to get plenty of sleep. Water is excellent for hydration that gives you a healthy glow.

I’m talking to you. You are so ready. You deserve to feel beautiful and confident. You deserve to take some self-love time to feel comfortable and empowered.


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