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C is for Confident

This amazing gallery is from Ms. C’s second—yes, second!—boudoir session, and she came in again for her THIRD last month! Most of my clients become repeat visitors at some point because the experience itself is so fun and liberating and they get to see themselves like they never have before. And once you see how gorgeous you look, it’s hard to stop with just one shoot!

Ms. C is a single mom who also runs her Younique makeup business while working full time. She bought the session as a gift to herself and as a reward for meeting a weight loss goal. ANd what a reward! She was not playing around and wanted to do everything—including outdoor shots. I LOVE when clients ask for outdoor shots; the lighting is incredible and it opens up a whole other world of possibilities for backgrounds and poses. Ms. C even climbed down into the water for me on a whim-—such a trust move, but as you can see, it paid off BIG time for this siren!

And then she went and pulled out all the cool-girl stops with the sexy Star Wars setup. I may never recover.


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