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Boudoir is NOT for you

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You have been pinning for your boudoir session. You are trying to find something exciting to celebrate you. You just got engaged, now looking for the perfect gift for your groom. You worked your booty and lost weight. You want to spice up the bedroom. You got divorced and are embracing your inner goddess.

Maybe, you’ve been wanting to do your own boudoir session. You have been dreaming of the perfect outfits and thinking how sexy you will look. You want to feel beautiful. You want someone you can trust while also having experience.

Then doubts start to creep in. As exciting as this is you start think you aren’t as good as the girls you see online. You feel like you need to lose more weight. Maybe you will try next year. You think you can’t afford such an awesome experience. You let those fears start to settle. The top 5 reasons Boudoir is Not for You.

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Seeing the stretch marks, love handles, freckles or other “flaws” you start to doubt that you are ready for such a fun experience. Let me tell you something. Just because you see it doesn’t mean others do. We are our own worst critics.

Setting goals to lose weight is awesome! Boudoir makes for a great reward. So is loving who you are now. It’s OK to love the person staring back at you in the mirror. She can be beautiful, strong, passionate and emotional. She is who you are. Embrace HER. I’ve had clients who are starting their weight loss journey and decide to document it with multiple photo shoots. Do one now to start the healing process and see just how beautiful you are now. Then schedule your next one to celebrate the New you!


I hear this from almost everyone I talk to. Girl(or Guy), you just haven’t found the right person to photograph you yet. Find someone that can pose you, light you, direct you to find your best self. Trust in your photographer.

Did you know everyone has a masculine and feminine side to their features? I will capture your best self (and may even teach you a few tricks to get your best selfie).


As a single mom, I completely understand this. There are many ways you can still have your amazing boudoir experience. I offer many gorgeous products and packages that you will love. I offer payment plans, cash discounts and even accept paypal has an option for 0% financing.

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The first person you should be doing a boudoir shoot for is yourself. While many people love giving stunning boudoir albums as gifts, this is first YOUR experience. This is your body, the way you want to be photographed and how you want to feel sexy and empowered.


I go through this every time I want to loose the yoga pants (which I wear 90% of the time) and look pretty, sexy and daring. There is NEVER anything to wear. The good news? You aren’t doing it on your own!

I have a detailed style guide to go over different lingerie styles while giving you inspiration. I am here with you every step of the way. Need someone to go shopping with you? I’ve got you covered. Looking for a place to shop? One of my favorite local boutiques is Althea’s Fine Lingerie. It’s located in downtown Milwaukee. Althea will take great care in making sure you are fitted correctly and look stunning in your lingerie.

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I know you are excited and little nervous. Boudoir portraits are something I think should be everyone’s bucket list. If you are looking for your own boudoir session,  schedule your complimentary consultation. LOVE and EMBRACE who you are now.


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