Boudoir: A Wife’s Journey

Boudoir is for every woman. You should embrace the beautiful, strong woman you are. Join me as we go into Mrs. BF’s heartwarming story.

“I decided to do the boudoir shoot initially as a gift to my husband. He came into my life after many tumultuous years. I was a widow with a young child with Asperger’s. He made me feel alive and beautiful again and i wanted to show him how far I had come to loving myself again. Through these gorgeous photos I truly see myself through his eyes.

For those that are nervous, don’t be! Be excited to share your inner goddess and embrace you and your unique beauty. We all are beautiful, strong and amazing women and let that shine through!

My journey is long and windy. Just like many women infertility hit me just at the time I decided I wanted a baby. Luckily, that process went relatively quickly and in 2008 my beautiful son was born from my heart. At 2 he was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD. In 2014, during a rocky time in our marriage, my husband started feeling sick and right after the New Year was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

I became a widow with a young son. But through that experience, I started a nonprofit charity that gives money to families in WI fighting a cancer diagnosis. We pay everyday living expenses and have given out around $40,000 since 2017. It’s my passion project and my second non paying job. I work full time as a RN diabetes educator by day and my spare time is the Koss Family Foundation.

I was incredibly lucky to have found a man who works just as hard as I do to make something based on my past, as successful as we possibly can. Life can be hard. that’s true. It’s how we deal with it, what we make of it that’s important. Don’t let the hard times defeat you. They can shape you but they should never define you. We are who we are because of all the good and bad experiences in our lives. We should embrace that and continue to strive for our dreams. I have never in my almost 45 years felt more confident, beautiful, accomplished or strong as I do now.

My favorite part was shopping, of course, and putting all the outfits together. I loved the sneak peaks and getting all glammed up! I am 1000% a girly girl! Leaving the studio I was walking on clouds. I couldn’t wait to see the final result and share them with my husband. I felt like I finally came into my own in the past 2 years and these pictures were the sprinkles on top! “

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